This is a design for a family of 3 tape dispensers - one for large rolls of packing tape, one for executive desktop use, and one for artist use that provides space for 3 different rolls of tape.
    The design for all three is based on one aluminum extrusion. The exploded drawing on the left is the desktop model, and the exploded drawing on the right is the packing tape model. The main difference is the length of the extrusion (the packing tape model is wider), which allows for the width of a roll of packing tape. It can be held in the hand with the palm resting in the indented section on top of the dispenser, the thumb pointing towards the front cutting end of the dispenser, and the rest of the fingers wrapping around the side and gripping the bottom. The opening of the tape dispenser is designed like a set of scissors so when the top and bottom are pressed together, it cuts the tape cleanly.
    The executive model and set of artist tape dispensers are exactly the same. The executive model uses a rubber foot that slides into the key at the lower back of the extrusion. This key is used by the artist set to slide onto a rack that can be attached to an artist's desk. In this way, the artist can chose from a range in the number of tape dispensers they have at hand.
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