The assignment for this project was to design a vacuum formed container. I chose to address the issue of complementary items given on longer flights. The idea stemmed from a recent flight on Virgin Airlines where I received a stylized bag with a notepad, socks, headphones, mini-toothbrush/paste, earplugs and eye shades. All the items were appreciated, but were unorganized in a bag that was in my way when I first got to my seat.
    This vacuum formed container organizes all of those items, and also provides a space for the flight's menu card. The tray can be stored in the seatback pocket out of the way of passengers finding their seats, but conspicuous enough to be noticed. The indentation in the lid doubles as a method for keeping it shut and also allows the trays to be tightly stacked for storage by the airline. Lastly, the tray provides the passenger with a branded carrying case so that s/he may bring the items on future flights.
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